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Lindon Pool Accessories

Unfortunately, swimming pools require a lot of maintenance to keep them clean and free of contaminants. Whether you are performing that work yourself, or you want to hire us to do the dirty work for you, there are a wide variety of accessories that are needed to keep a swimming pool in top shape. In addition to providing pool maintenance services, we also sell everything you need to take care of your pool on your own.

Lindon Swimming Pool Cleaning Supplies

Telepoles: Telepoles are long, telescoping rods that accept a variety of different attachments for different types of cleaning tools. This is the most fundamental tool of the pool cleaner.

Pool Vacuum: All pools need to be vacuumed, preferably at least once per week. A vacuum head attaches to a telepole, and a hose running the length of the pole will suck debris up into a filter basket. This allows you to easily clean the sides and bottom of your pool.

Skimmer Net: A skimmer net gives you the ability to quickly remove any debris that is floating on the water's surface. Leaves, dead bugs, litter and other contaminants are better dealt with while they're floating, because they take much more effort to remove if they're allowed to settle to the pool floor.

Pool Brush: The purpose of a pool brush is to remove algae and any other unpleasant materials that may collect on the sides of your pool. Regularly brushing your pool walls will prevent that slimy feeling you may have encountered when climbing in or out of a poorly maintained pool.

Lindon Swimming Pool Chemicals

Chlorine: The most basic element of any pool maintenance routine, chlorine kills bacteria, algae, and other contaminants that might negatively affect the health of swimmers. Nearly all pools use chlorine in one form or another, because a pool without some way to kill algae will quickly turn into a green pond.

Algaecide: Sometimes algae levels get out of control, and when that happens, you need an algaecide. It will quickly wipe out any algaecide growing in your pool.

Shock Treatment Packages: Over time, the chlorine in a swimming pool will break down. Occasionally, a shock treatment package will be needed to quickly raise chlorine to safe levels and prevent your pool from becoming unhealthy.

Tips & FAQ

Here are the answers to a few of the most common questions we've come across, as well as a few swimming pool related tips.